13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

Do these to win at the game of travel. Because you always want to Stay Smart.

1. Rolled clothing takes up less space than folded clothing.

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2. Put your phone in a cup for instant speakers.

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Dance party, anywhere.

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3. To avoid jet lag, get plenty of exercise the day before you travel.

And once you land, get lots of fresh air for an instant pick-me-up.

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4. To avoid tangling, thread a straw with your delicate necklaces.

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And when you’re wearing the necklace, you have a straw. SCORE.

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5. Most airplanes have a little hook at your seat. AMAZING.

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Perfect for a small bag or coat. What’s next…a tray. Wait? That’s a TRAY!?!?

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6. Pack your dirty shoes in a shower cap.

Ain’t no one got time for dirty shoes.

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7. Pack a light-weight scarf for chilly planes.

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You can use it as a little blanket or a pillow. Once you arrive at your destination you have the perfect accessory to spice up any outfit.

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8. To keep your clothes smelling fresh, pop a dryer sheet in your suitcase.

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9. Contact containers are great for storing cosmetics.

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Perfect for touch-ups!

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10. Stash extra cash in an empty lip balm.

You’ve already filled your contact case with lip balm. So keeping money in the empty lip balm only makes sense.

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11. Use a button to keep your earrings together.

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12. Always make left turns in the security line to get through more quickly.

Science proves it.

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13. Transport wine in your shoes.

Obviously for checked bags. But, you never really know when you’ll need a bottle of wine, right?

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