10 Mistakes GIRLS Always Regret The Morning After

Don’t worry ladies, We know the morning after can be really rough. Good thing you can ease your regrets with a brand new season of GIRLS, Sundays at 9PM.

1. When you wake up from the night looking like Ke$ha

2. And immediately run over to the computer, only to realize the facebook photos you’re tagged in are a little less flattering than you had hoped

3. And that your quarter life crisis tattoo won’t look as cool in a couple of months

4. And that sleeping with your ex was probably a bad idea

5. And autocorrect wasn’t on your side either

6. Along with sending those SnapChat pics to your boss

7. Your phone now looks like The Terminator

8. And the pizza you decided to make when you got home at 4 AM wasn’t the best idea

9. We know, it’s going to be a really rough day

10. But everything is better when you regret nothing

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