Hear US Soccer Team Star Clint "Deuce" Dempsey’s New Rap Song

Down in Texas, the USMNT captain has a hip-hop alter ego.

1. 2014 World Cup fanatics will know Clint Dempsey as the captain of the US team.

The Texas-born player scored a goal only 34 seconds into the World Cup opener against Ghana, despite being subjected to a now infamous massive kick in the face by an opposing player.

2. But he also has a lesser known career far from the soccer field as the rapper “Deuce.”

Clint “Deuce” Dempsey released a video for his soccer-themed song “Don’t Tread,” featuring Houston rappers XO and Big Hawk, back in 2006 for Nike Soccer.

3. Deuce has announced he’s releasing a new album with rapper XO, titled The Redux, after the World Cup is over. Now, you can listen to the album’s single “Its Poppin.”

In the track, Dempsey prepares for any backlash to his newfound passion while rapping, “I never claimed to be gangster / You can bet that I’m real / When half of these gangsters are real as a three dollar bill.”

4. But the best line of the song may be when XO raps that he’s going to “scramble haters” to make an omelette.”

Mmm, taste those haters.

5. This Deuce doesn’t play.

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