The 9 Best Cameos From A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

There have been a lot of great celebrity cameos in the Harold and Kumar films over the years. You know, like Jesus and the Wafflebot (You’ve heard of the Wafflebot, right?). Here are some sneak peeks at the upcoming cameos in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas now playing in theaters.

1. Jesus Christ

ID: 13873

2. The Pope

ID: 13872

3. Santa Clause

ID: 14332

4. RZA

ID: 14501

5. Danny Trejo

ID: 14328

6. Tom Lennon and Amir Blumenfeld from College Humor

ID: 13871

7. Wafflebot

ID: 14329

8. Claymation Harold & Kumar

ID: 14331

9. And of course… NEIL PATRICK HARRIS

ID: 13863
ID: 14846

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