12 Shockingly Cool Photos

Welcome to the Internet, where the line between “absurd” and “awesome” is blurred a bit more everyday. For an awesomely refreshing sensation that’ll leave you satisfied, let the cool in with HALLS.

1. This marvelous snowboarding dog.

Kurt Bauschardt / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / flic.kr
ID: 844624

2. The beautiful reflections coming through stained glass windows.

Eddy Joaquim / Getty Images
ID: 844737

3. This life size butter sculpture of The Last Supper.

Getty Layne Kennedy / The LIFE Images Collection / Getty Images
ID: 847573

4. This awesome tree house.

Kristin Piljay / Getty Images
ID: 844537

5. This beautiful white peacock.

Neil Setchfield / Getty Images
ID: 846786

6. These amazing sky divers.

Max Dereta / Getty Images
ID: 847625

7. These women on unicycles.

Gamma-Keystone / Getty Images
ID: 847369

8. This cool vertical parking system at a residential home.

David Hill / Getty Images
ID: 846916

9. These balancing performers.

Peter Muller / Getty Images
ID: 847709

10. This man with his super sized cabbage.

Louis Debenham / Getty Images
ID: 847050

11. Walls covered in polaroid selfies.

Sarah Small / Getty Images
ID: 847593

12. These dogs in costumes riding a motorcycle.

Stuart Dee / Getty Images
ID: 847755

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