12 Shockingly Cool Photos

Welcome to the Internet, where the line between “absurd” and “awesome” is blurred a bit more everyday. For an awesomely refreshing sensation that’ll leave you satisfied, let the cool in with HALLS.

1. This marvelous snowboarding monkey.

2. This masterpiece of a pooch.

3. This man with the manliest Movember mustache.

4. This photobombing bovine.

5. This phenomenal swimmer and his finned friends.

6. This masterful man and his mini-horse.

7. This pointy-eared alien and his acoustic instrument.

8. This cool cat with a way-deep yearbook quote.

9. This chill pup who’s about to shred the slopes.

10. This dapper snake in a ssssssmart derby.

11. These pally pooches who know how to cool down.

12. And this ice cold kitty cat who has just one thing to say:

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