15 Sweet TV Crushes Everyone Roots For

Whether they end up in a relationship or not, tv show crushes are always entertaining. Tune in to Gravity Falls on Disney Channel to get to know a whole new classic TV crush!

1. Corey and Topanga

© Buena Vista Television / Everett Collection

2. Phineas and Isabella

3. Jim and Pam

Chris Haston/__username__

5. Kevin and Winnie

© Turner Program Services / Everett Collection

6. Doug and Patty Mayonnaise

7. Urkel and Laura

© Warner Bros. Television / Everett Collection

8. Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown

9. Angela and Jordan

Mark Seliger/__username__

11. Screech and Lisa Turtle

13. Sabrina and Harvey

© Paramount Television / Everett Collection

14. Lisa and Milhouse

15. Lizzie McGuire and Ethan Craft

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