11 Awesome T-Shirts Made For The Best Of Friends

What better way can people celebrate their friendships than with matching shirts? Check out these awesome BFF Tees and see Soos and Dipper Pines’ awesome handmade shirts on Gravity Falls, only on Disney Channel.

1. The Airbrushed Throwback:

Courtnie Mullins / Via instagram.com
ID: 1181785

2. The Eagle Squadron:

Joe Lin
ID: 1181452

3. The Classic:

Kara_tyner / Via instagram.com
ID: 1181458

4. The Triple Shark Attack:

Kevin Marcks / Via Flickr: kevinmarks
ID: 1181621

5. The Sassy Trio:

Avegail Gaddi / Via instagram.com
ID: 1181465

6. The Inspirational Pups:

Justin Thornton / Via instagram.com
ID: 1182276

7. The Homemade Declaration:

Emily Redfield / Via instagram.com
ID: 1181732

8. The Fresh Sweat Set:

Rebecca Myrie / Via instagram.com
ID: 1181759

9. The Inside Joke:

Brooke Wright / Via instagram.com
ID: 1181834

10. The Sidekick Pride:

Mica Bailey / Via instagram.com
ID: 1181992

11. The Graduation Celebration:

zackstevens24 / Via instagram.com
ID: 1181889

Inspired by Soos and Dipper’s Matching T-Shirts:

ID: 1182297

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