16 Smells That Will Transform A Room Into A Home

Get ready to feel right at home. Just a few scents to make your space feel more like the cozy space it’s meant to be. Inspired by the best feelings in the world.

1. The scent of the first time you cook dinner. It’s probably something your mom taught you how to make.

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2. Add some flowers to give the room an earthy, floral feel.

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3. Maybe it’s a pot of fresh coffee brewing in the morning.

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4. The first batch of fresh laundry, with your usual detergent.

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5. Or the first time you bake cookies. There’s a reason realtors do it, but when you do it, it’s real.

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6. Letting your pooch run around the house after they’re all clean from a bath.

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7. Anything in the kitchen is going to make your place cozy. Try making chicken stock from scratch when you’ve got extra mirepoix ingredients lying around (celery, carrots, onions).

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8. The smell of freshly cut grass is a great thing to have around your home.

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9. A mug of hot spiced apple cider during the winter.

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10. Bubble bath is a great way to give your bathroom a homey feel.

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11. Any kind of pie cooling on a windowsill. Cinnamon apple, blueberry, you name it. Let that sucker waft.

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12. The crackle and scent of wood burning is very comforting and cozy.

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13. For some, a giant pot of tomato sauce simmering on the oven does the trick. Grandma’s recipe.

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14. Or spray the perfume of someone you love. Guaranteed to bring that warm and fuzzy feeling.

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15. Or maybe it’s the first drizzle of maple syrup on a fresh batch of fluffy pancakes in the morning.

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16. Or if all else fails, maybe it’s as simple as cracking the window open as seasons change and letting it fill your bedroom.

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