14 Reasons Chemistry Class Ruled

The only class where setting things on fire was encouraged.

1. You got to blow stuff up.

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2. Often.

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3. Lab tables were way cooler than desks.

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4. …mostly because they had these built in.

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5. Your teacher was nuts, and it was awesome.

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6. Super awesome.

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7. You got your fill of lame jokes.

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8. Sometimes you learned from your favorite science guy.

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9. You never had to use this, but you knew how to just in case.

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10. You learned how to put the periodic table to good use.

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11. We did mention explosions, right?

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12. You got to wear awesome goggles.

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13. And use the coolest equipment.

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14. And now that you’re a little older, you can pass on your wisdom.

Silly Mickey.

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Relive your chemistry glory days through our #6SecondScience Fair.

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