9 Vines That Will Make You Wish You Were In Zero Gravity

This past 9.8, GE celebrated #GravityDay by sending Vine superstars Jerome Jarre and Marcus Johns on a zero gravity flight. Check out the best Vines from 34,000 feet.

For the grand finale of our #GravityDay Apple Drop, we sent Vine celebs Marcus Johns and Jerome Jarre (and one brave cameraman) on a zero gravity flight.

ID: 1625838

1. They found all of the apples our fans had been dropping all day…

ID: 1625680

2. …but quickly dropped them again.

ID: 1625771

3. Thanks for trying guys.

ID: 1625736

4. Staying buff is important, even in zero gravity.

ID: 1625722

5. They made themselves comfortable, really exploring the space.

ID: 1625731

6. But that backflip tho…

ID: 1625717

7. Mostly, they had a lot of fun.

ID: 1625745

8. After all, how could you not in zero gravity?

ID: 1625759

9. Remember kids—it’s important to stay hydrated.

ID: 1626186

Thanks to our fans, the world’s first #GravityDay was a huge success. See the Apple Drop chain come together in the final video. See you next 9.8!

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