20 Ways You Know You’re A Creative

Some brains are just wired to want to create, invent, explore, and innovate. You know who you are.

Coming up with ideas isn’t always easy.

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1. But you find inspiration in the simplest things.

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2. And beautiful things.

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3. And music things.

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4. And travel things.

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5. And emotionally resonant things.

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6. And everything, really. Even nothing.

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You’re a creative!

And you live to make dreams into reality.

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You just see things differently.

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7. Pushing paper is just not an option for you.

You’re not happy unless you’re doing something more.

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8. So you wake up every day ready to create. Excited, even.

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9. But it isn’t very long before you’re here:

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10. But passion is a part of who you are. Passion to share your ideas and see them come to life.

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11. Sometimes you really have to work at it.

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12. So it’s time to start brainstorming. Oh boy! But you’re drawing a blank.

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13. You’ve been thinking and you feel like you’re running in circles.

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14. You might even lose your confidence because you can’t see your finished product.

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15. You know it’s easier to come up with ideas in a group. Get a fresh perspective!

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16. Every project seems to suck you in, no matter how small.

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17. And when you have a big idea, it blows you off your own feet.

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18. But it’s all worth it for that moment you realize you got it right.

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19. When people tell you that you CAN’T do something and try and stifle your creativity, you know what to say.

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You gotta think big to make big things happen. So keep on creating! And remember:

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The Brilliant Brunch at SXSW had a few things to say about the creative process.

Excerpts from Brilliant Brunch at SXSW 2013 in Austin featuring:

Damian Kulash (OK Go)
Baratunde Thurston (Comedian)
Carla Diana (Creative Director, Carla Diana Design)
Bre Pettis (Makerbot, Founder)
Beth Comstock (GE, CMO)
David Karp (Tumblr, Founder)

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