16 Things Nobody Wants To Deal With

Life is hard enough. And that’s why GE and Quirky teamed up to make Wink, their new line of app-enabled products created by people just like you! What products would you make smarter? Submit your ideas now.

1. Sleeping with a blanket on and you’re too hot but then you take if off and you’re too cold.

ID: 1103279

2. Getting out of bed and stepping on a cold floor.

ID: 1103408

3. Accidentally crumpling your seran wrap and then it becomes unusuable.

ID: 1102979

4. When you tear the toilet paper like this…

anyjazz65 / Via Flickr: 49024304@N00

Shame. Shame.

ID: 1103026

5. The inability to get your condiment of choice to come out of the bottle until all of a sudden it comes out uncontrollably, and you can’t stop it.

ID: 1103079

6. When you get pet hair all over your new black clothes.

ashley_rose19 / Via instagram.com
ID: 1103306

7. When you’re cracking an egg and it goes horribly wrong in every way.

ID: 1103137

8. When you finally reach critical mass with all those plastic containers you’ve been saving and throwing haphazardly into the cabinet.

ID: 1103145

9. When you have no room to sleep on your bed because your cat takes up all the precious surface area.

ID: 1103149

10. Inadvertently stepping in other people’s dog poops.

ID: 1103360

11. When you’re eating a crunchy taco because you don’t like soft tacos but it falls apart immediately.


ID: 1103190

12. When you can’t seem to figure out the perfect cereal to milk ratio and you pour too much in.

ID: 1103321

13. Disposing of refrigerator leftovers after they’ve reached the threshold of smelling like death.

ID: 1103431

14. Dropping something under the counter and you can’t reach it.

whiitelightnin / Via instagram.com
ID: 1103395

15. Wondering if you locked your door / closed your garage / shut your windows / turned off the lights / turned off the fan / turned off the TV / turned off the oven…

Erik Drost / Via Flickr: edrost88
ID: 1103490

16. And this:

ID: 1103262

Let’s find a way to fix these annoyances!

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/63738114.

Quirky recently partnered with GE to create Wink: Instantly Connected, a next generation line of app-enabled products for your home that will give you the freedom to do more of what you want to do – products created by people just like you! What products would you make smarter? Submit your ideas now.

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