24 Delightful Moments In Music

Even if you write sad songs…GEICO customer service provides universal delight! Check out all these happy faces in delightful moments from music history.

1. Bob Dylan, Sonny, and Cher, all looking cheerful.

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2. Bob Marley playing around.

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3. Dave Grohl and LL Cool J laughing together.

ID: 665393

4. Elvis signing autographs on this kid’s head.

ID: 665498

5. Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and David Bowie just hanging out.

ID: 665508

6. Curtis has a smile that’s worth way more than 50 cents.

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7. Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow going to a costume party.

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8. George Lucas, David Bowie, and Jim Henson. What a trio.

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9. The birth of the child of two superstars: Blue Ivy Carter.

ID: 665123

10. A meeting of the Marleys and the Jackson 5.

ID: 665546

11. Charles Barkley just hanging with Kurt Cobain.

ID: 665583

12. The Boss and the Prince of Pop.

ID: 665623

13. Weird Al makes everything delightful!

ID: 665644

14. Alice Cooper looking chummy.

ID: 665694

15. The GZA, The RZA, and Bill Murray. Bill probably crashed this dinner.

ID: 665662

16. Amy Winehouse and her mom at the Grammys.

ID: 665681

17. Jimmy Page always knew he was going to rock.

ID: 665709

18. Mick Jagger looking grizzly!

ID: 665714

19. Kurt Cobain and his daughter.

ID: 665721

20. A young Michael Jackson rocking a Groucho face.

ID: 665739

21. Elvis and his father (Martin Sheen??).

ID: 665798

22. Eric Clapton and his grandma.

ID: 665696

23. Elvis and Sophia Loren.

ID: 665813

24. And finally, Paul McCartney’s photobombing face.

ID: 665102

25. You know what else is music to our ears? A delightful singing alpaca.

ID: 669392

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