14 Ways You Can Stay Happy Every Day

Happiness is a state of mind. To obtain the perpetual delight of GEICO customer service, follow these simple steps.

1. Look at this cat in a snake hat.

Takashi Hososhima / Via Flickr: htakashi
ID: 1078673

2. Remember:

ID: 1078636

3. Pretend you’re this corgi.

ID: 1078642

4. Remember to smile.

rikkis_refuge / Via Flickr: rikkis_refuge
ID: 1078682
Liz West / Via Flickr: calliope
ID: 1078725
Taro the Shiba Inu / Via Flickr: _tar0_
ID: 1078728
Yuya Sekiguchi / Via Flickr: yuyasekiguchi
ID: 1079021

5. Listen to this charming GIF.

ID: 1079036

6. Imagine this Gorilla brought you these flowers.

Richard Austin / Rex / Rex USA
ID: 1080459

7. Start conversations like this.

BigDogLittleDog / Via etsy.com
ID: 1079155

8. Keep this in mind:

Christine Bothwell / Via etsy.com
ID: 1079225

9. Think about Beyonce.

ID: 1079339

10. Let these guys wink at you for a second.

Ted O-Rama / Via Flickr: 73179380@N00
ID: 1079346
psyberartist / Via Flickr: psyberartist
ID: 1079347
Bad Apple Photography / Via Flickr: h-productions
ID: 1081347

11. Now imagine this pig playing a song for you.

Richard Austin / Rex / Rex USA
ID: 1080018

12. Maybe while you watch this cowboy monkey ride a dog.

Dan Callister / Rex Features / Rex USA
ID: 1080506

13. You’re right, true happiness would be a cowboy monkey riding a dog IN FAST MOTION.

ID: 1080528

14. And always remember to dance.

ID: 1080541


GEICO hopes all your days are filled with delight!

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And if you want to stay happy every night, these antelopes can help you get started.

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