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  • 17 Weird, Gross, Hilarious Things Everyone On Their School Soccer Team Did Together

    Good game, good game, goo game, goo game, g'game, g'game, game, game, game.

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    The Stupidly Difficult Nerdy NFL Quiz

    Can you locate the Packers, Seahawks or the Patriots on a map of the USA?

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    18 Ads From 1915 That Prove We've Come A Long Way In 100 Years

    It was a big year for WTF, apparently. Looking at you, Kellogg's.

  • bestof2015

    The 15 Sexiest Chipotle Bowls Of 2015

    Love is eternal, but guac is extra.

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  • homegrownterror

    The Terrorists Born And Bred In America

    BuzzFeed News reports on homegrown terrorism in the United States and how it affects our daily lives.

  • 37 Things The Kardashians Have 100% Actually Said

    "I never realised that a neck-life would be such a transcendental life-changing experience for me."

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