The 16 Most Annoying Things That People On “House Hunters” Say

“I hate the color of these granite countertops in the walk-in man cave.”

1. “Oooh, this will make for a great man cave.”

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2. *wife enters walk-in closet* “So, honey, where should we put YOUR clothes?”

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3. “I’d like an open floor plan.”

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4. *husband looks at bedroom* “Ah, where the magic happens!”

ID: 1573704

5. “I’d describe my style as ‘rustic charm.’”

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6. Realtor: “This would make a perfect kid’s room… or… an office.”

Nice save, I guess.

ID: 1578544

7. “This one’s about $25,000 over our budget, but we think it’s the one.”

ID: 1574049

8. “LOVE the crown molding.”

ID: 1573146

9. Re: the bathtub, “Ooh, mind if I try it out? HAHA”

ID: 1574376

10. “We need more space to entertain. We have A LOT of friends.”

ID: 1573785

11. “Well, I’d prefer stainless steel appliances.”

ID: 1573847

12. “No his and hers sinks?!”

ID: 1578494

13. “I don’t like that the neighbors can see us.”

ID: 1574062

14. “Wow, look at these original hardwood floors.”

ID: 1578525

15. “These aren’t granite countertops…”

ID: 1573901

16. “I don’t know. I don’t like this paint color.”

ID: 1573554

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