A Comprehensive Guide To Making The Cutoffs Of Your Dreams

There are dozens of ways to customize cutoffs. DOZENS!

Start off by cutting a basic pair of shorts.

Here’s everything you need to know about making cutoffs that won’t cause chronic underbutt, unless of, course, that’s the look you’re going for.

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You can also make them with a high-low hem.

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Now that you’ve got your simple pair of jorts, THE WORLD IS YOUR DENIM OYSTER.

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1. Add a pattern to the cuffs.

Instructions here.

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2. Scallop the hem.

Follow these directions .

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3. Dip dye ‘em.

Instructions here. Be sure to rinse the shorts with vinegar and water after bleaching, to stop you’re precious cutoffs from dissolving into thin air.

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4. Bleach only one leg of the shorts to achieve a contrasting look.

Basically, you just need to dip dye in the opposite direction than usual.
Instructions here.

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5. Add a lace panel.

Directions here.

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6. Tranform the back pockets into adorable bows.

This tutorial only requires a needle, thread, and the jeans themselves.

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7. Embellish with doilies.

Perfect for when you want to say “I’m not afraid to show off my hot bod OR pledge my allegiance to grandmas everywhere.”

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8. Add some polka dots.

Follow these directions. Surprisingly, light grey paint works best when it comes to painting dots on denim.

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9. Or a heart print.

This tutorial is meant for a full length pair of jeans, but could easily be used on cut offs.

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10. Stamp on flowers to create a patterned effect.

Directions here.

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11. Use a stencil to add a leopard print.

Detailed instructions here.

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12. Add a whole bunch of embellishments.

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13. Distress the edges.

These instructions shows you how to fray your cutoffs in the most effective way possible.

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14. Add lace trim.

It’s like you’re wearing bloomers under your cutoffs. Sexy bloomers.
Instructions here.

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15. Add geometric lines.

Instructions here.

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16. Add a galaxy print.

Follow this tutorial to achieve a similar look.

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17. Make them ikat print.

This ingenious method only requires bleach and a fountain pen.

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18. Dip dye AND add a geometric print.

Kill two trendy birds with one stone.
Directions here.

ID: 1200921

19. Add a frayed heart to the back pocket.

So sweet.
Directions here.

ID: 1200930

20. Dye them ombre style.

Instructions here.

ID: 1201037

21. Tie bleach ‘em.

Directions here.

ID: 1201058

22. Or bleach them completely and then tie dye them.

Tutorial here.

ID: 1201110

23. Dye them rainbow.

Follow these instructions to achieve a similar effect.

ID: 1201274

24. Sew on floral pocket patches.

ID: 1201330

25. Add studded corners.

ID: 1201483

26. Paint them like the American flag.

The land of the free and the home of the booty shorts.
Directions here.

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