27 Tokens Of Friendship You Need To Buy For Your BFF Right Now

Only the best for your bestie.

1. This PB & J ring set

Available here.

2. A R2D2 and C3PO hybrid heart necklace.

This necklace says more than over six million forms of communication ever could.

Get it here.

3. This Batman-inspired pendant.

Buy it here.

4. This coffee mug.

Available here.

5. This set of Holmes and Watson cameos.

Get ‘em here.

6. Also available in a Daria and Jane variety.

If you and your best friend hate everything except each other, these are for you.

7. This sweet ride.

Created by artist Carlton Dewoody.

Available here.

8. These “thick as thieves” necklaces.

A subtle way to show off how tight you guys are.

Get them here.

9. A set of coordinating phone cases.

You guys are texting nonstop so you might as well make it official.
Available here.

11. A set of pizza pendants.

You can’t help it that you’re so popular! Make sure all of your friends get a pizza your heart.

Available here.

12. A banner to celebrate your beautiful bond.

Get it here.

13. This sweet pair of necklaces.

Nothing says “best friends forever” like your favorite assorted sandwich spreads.

Available here.

14. A set of Scrabble-themed pillows.

Your bond is so strong that it’s not weird for you to be the last person they think of before falling asleep.

Also available in lots of other letters here.

15. This locking Pokeball.

Available here.

16. A pair of BFF socks.

Purchase them here.

17. A set of t-rex pendants.

Maybe your friendship will last even longer than the Jurassic period.

Buy them here.

18. This matching set of crop tops.


JK they come in sets of two. Available here.

19. This pair of Tina and Amy cameos.

Now you get to argue over who’s who!

Buy them here.

20. This syrupy set of waffle medallions.

“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”-Leslie Knope

Available here.

21. A cookie-shaped pendant.

Available here.

22. This Alice In Wonderland themed set.

Buy them here.

23. An interlocking pair of Lego pendants.

Available here.

24. These Breaking Bad themed charms.

Your friendship is so great, it’s the thing of meths.

Buy here.

25. This lifelike set of bagel necklaces.

BFF: bagel friends forever.

Get them here.

26. This set of necklaces to commemorate your favorite twins.

COME PLAY WITH US (seriously, let’s hang sometime BFF!).

Available here.

27. Finally, for the anti-social besties out there…

Honestly, how many friends does a guy even need? You’re already covered.

Buy them here.

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