23 Kids Who Are Totally Nailing This Halloween Thing

They will put your bedsheet ghost costume to shame.

1. This boy turned walking arcade game.

ID: 1669898

2. This baby girl who dressed up as her dad.

ID: 1669974

3. This brother and sister duo who went as bubblegum stuck to a shoe.

ID: 1669837

4. This walking vending machine.

Bonus: He doesn’t he need to carry his candy in a pillowcase!

ID: 1669893

5. These brothers who are probably too young to know who Wayne and Garth are.

ID: 1669854

6. This lil slider and his royal burger parents.

ID: 1669985

7. This Easy Mac duo.

ID: 1669927

8. These bags of jelly beans.

ID: 1669993

9. This mad scientist who lost his head.

ID: 1669694

10. This boy and his portable bath.

Look at his content face.

ID: 1670037

11. This trio who went as rock-paper-scissors.

Metallic leggings as scissor blades = BRILLIANT.

ID: 1670060

12. This duo of Slurpees.

ID: 1670070

13. This girl who went as a life-size snow globe.

ID: 1670210

14. This miniature Abercrombie model.

ID: 1688840

15. The littlest gnome.

ID: 1689099

16. This Walter White lookalike.

ID: 1670524

17. Baby Prince

The TRUE royal baby.

ID: 1689090

18. This enormous TV dinner.

ID: 1689193

19. Lil Lil Wayne

ID: 1689860

20. Buster the Ice Cream Man

ID: 1689941

21. This pint-sized Frappucino.

ID: 1690028

22. The most adorable Edward Scissorhands.

He’s using plastic utensils, FOR SAFETY.

ID: 1690203

23. This girl who must really love vegetables.

As if the costume wasn’t perfect enough, she added a delightful knitted tomato cap.

ID: 1689403

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