15 Ways To Amp Up Your Eyeliner Game

Kick that boring cat eye to the curb.

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So, you’re getting tired of the same old eyeliner routine, eh?

Even though those cat eyes look so glam, you’re ready for a change.

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1. Experiment with a color other than black.

Gel or cream formulas work great.

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2. Try out an ombré look.

Looks so easy, yet takes only a little effort.

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3. The same technique works with metallics too.

Tutorial here.

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4. If you don’t want to buy a new colored liner, make use of eye shadow you already have.

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5. Or turn your liner into a super-pigmented shadow.

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6. Layer your usual black liner over a neon base.

The key to getting a solid blue line is by using white liner underneath it all.

Instructions here.

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7. Make your eyes pop by adding shadow to the inner rims.

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8. Wing your liner and shadow, for a look that’s twice as dramatic.

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9. Wing out pastel shadow for a mod look.

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10. Eyelash glue + glitter = the most impressive glitter liner of all time.

Make sure you’ve got eye makeup remover on hand before attempting this look.

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11. Use neon shadow as liner.

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12. Crosshatch and smudge your usual liner for dark shadow effect.

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13. Line your bottom waterline with an unexpected color.

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14. Try out a festive rainbow cat eye.

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15. Layer on liquid liner for a striped look.

If this doesn’t impress someone, then they are probably a monster.

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