20 Incredible Pictures You Won’t Believe Are f’real

Out of the millions of pictures on the internet that are shopped, there are still a couple of gems that are completely unaltered. And for a milkshake that’s on the same wavelength, make sure it’s f’real.

1. This Incredible Photo Of A Tsunami Like Cloud

2. This Chair Floating In The Middle Of Space

Find out more about it here!

3. This Incredible Photo Captured By Tracing Entire Rooms With One LED

FInd out more about this unique series here!

4. This Photo Of A “Zorse” Hybrid

5. A Giant Version Of Eddie Murphy’s Head Being Driven Around

This enormous bus of Eddie Murphy was actually a prop they used to promote his movie, Meet Dave.

6. This Breed Of Fish That Actually Has Human Teeth

7. The Face Of A Skull Forming In This Wave Of Lava

8. Cloud City, Dubai

9. These Glowing Fish Rising To The Surface During The Latest Red Tide In San Diego

10. This Breathtaking Photo OF Camel Thorn Trees In Namibia

11. This Photo Of A Gymnast Caught In Mid Air

12. This Incredible Strain Of Corn That Looks Like Colored Glass

13. This Photo Of a Kite Festival Taken In Southsea, Portsmouth

14. These Tattoos On A 2300 Year Old Mummy

15. A Buried Ship Uncovered By Hurricane Isaac

16. The Flower Ocean Located In China

17. This Incredible Panorama Of Mars’ Landscape

18. The Batu Caves In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

19. This Rare Photo Of A Pink Dolphin

20. The Undoctored Photo Of Giant George Standing Next To His Owner

21. Inspired by: A Milkshake That’s Totally f’real

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