10 Things To Help You Escape A Crazy Day

Having a rough day? Grab a f’real milkshake and enjoy a couple of gems that will help you escape reality, even if it’s just for a little bit. Share with us what gets you through a bad day here for a chance to star in a Funny Or Die video, sponsored by f’real milkshakes.

1. This Corgi’s Great Leap

If this corgi can do it, so can you!

2. Finding The Cat In This Photo

You’ll be looking for hours.

3. This Delicious Milkshake

The perfect 10 minute vacation.

4. Cute Roulette

Non-stop cute overload.

5. Kingdom Rush

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A game so addicting you’ll never stop.

6. This Cat’s Epic Slam Dunk

A feline that could help your favorite team finally win.

7. Endless Nyan Cat

A cat you can watch all day long.

8. Finding Out What Your Next Tweet “Could Be”

Plan out your tweets for the next year!


10. Pleated Jeans

Get lost in a sea of the best original graphics on internet.

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