16 Reasons Why Pugs Are The MF Thugs

These dogs are straight puggin’. Don’t forget to check out Animation Domination High-Def starting Saturday, July 27th from 11PM - 12:30AM and a special preview, Sunday July 21st 9:30/8:30c on FOX. It’s what all the cool pugs are doing.

1. They are more rock n’ roll than you.

Valarie Apperson/Talamantes / Via Flickr: 13115694@N03
ID: 1367409

2. They don’t listen to the “man”.

ID: 1368579

3. They party until they drop.

Rick Harris / Via Flickr: rickharris
ID: 1367412

4. They’re no strangers to a day at the spa.

Bara Kashi / Via Instagram: @odango_kashi

Treat yo’ self.

ID: 1368184

5. They make glasses look cool.

Brian Boucheron / Via Flickr: bert_m_b
ID: 1367416

6. They get all the babes.

Audrey Opdam / Via Instagram: @audreyopdam
ID: 1368002

7. They don’t follow rules, rules are for dumb humans.

ID: 1372450

8. Sometimes they get two babes at once.

ID: 1368100

9. They casually hang out on yachts.

Boats n’ bones.

ID: 1368181

10. They all own jet skis.

ID: 1368176

11. They take the party with them wherever they go.

inpugnito / Via Instagram: @inpugnito
ID: 1372674

12. They are tattoo snobs.

Rotem Zioni / Via Instagram: @rotemzioni

They know “cool” better than you do.

ID: 1368190

13. They chill hard.

Tessa McGilvray / Via Instagram: @tessaaam
ID: 1368182

14. They don’t have to talk to impress you. They have that “look”.

ID: 1368576

15. They have awesome senses of humor.

Wanda Productions / Via Instagram: @wanda_productions

Chicks dig it.

ID: 1368186

16. They are tough as f***.

Don’t mess with a pug.

ID: 1372446

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