18 People Who Are Just Twerkin’ It

Twerking isn’t just a dance, it’s a lifestyle. Just ask these expert twerking champions of the internet. Don’t forget to watch Animation Domination High-Def starting Saturday, July 27th from 11PM - 12:30AM on FOX.

1. Twerking is a valuable skill.

ID: 1191540

2. There are so many different ways to do it!

ID: 1191487

3. This woman is doing the “Hitchhikin’” Twerk

ID: 1165612

4. These ladies are doing the “Feedin’ the Cats” Twerk

ID: 1165597

5. This dog is killin’ the “Shake Your Tail” Twerk

ID: 1165680

6. This girl pretty much invented the “Slip n’ Twerk”

ID: 1185075

7. The ever popular “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” Twerk

ID: 1185076

8. Some people use Twerking as a greeting!

ID: 1193391

9. These ladies have perfected the “Extra Fast Food” Twerk

ID: 1185078

10. Kim Kardashian will most likely be the first woman to Twerk her child out. This will be forever known as the “Kimye Twerk”.

ID: 1191445

11. This cat is a natural at the “Purr-cocious” Twerk

ID: 1185081

12. The respected “Smart Lady” Twerk

ID: 1191479

13. The classic “Trashy” Twerk is tough to beat

ID: 1185186

14. This “Around the World” Twerk is universal

ID: 1185182

15. Bring some friends for the “Tunnel” Twerk

ID: 1197946

16. The “RIP” Twerk is a good way to show love for the deceased

ID: 1193395

17. Just don’t Twerk at work!

ID: 1191535

18. Save it for the car ride home.

ID: 1191468

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