12 Awesome Actors Behind Your Favorite Cartoons

Can’t quite put a name to the voice? Here are some of your favorite actors-turned-voiceover artist, and check out the new shows Axe Cop and High School USA! during Animation Domination High-Def late night Saturdays 11/10c on FOX.

1. Kristen Schaal/Louise on “Bob’s Burgers”

Courtesy of FOX

Stephen Lovekin



Funny girl Kristen Schaal brings her quirky sense of humor to the 2-D screen with pretty much no effort. We love you, Kristen!

ID: 1457364

2. Carrie Fisher/Angela on “Family Guy”

Courtesy of FOX

Andy Kropa



That’s right, nerds. Princess Leia is on “Family Guy!”

ID: 1457245

3. Mandy Moore/Cassandra on “High School USA!”

Courtesy of FOX

Stephen Lovekin



Mandy Moore plays a high school princess in the new FOX series! We hope she is channeling her “Candy” days.

ID: 1457264

4. Jason Sudeikis/Holt Richter on “The Cleveland Show”


He may be a stud in real like, but in the animated world he’s just another drinking buddy.

ID: 1479461

5. Nathan Barnatt/Blackstein on “High School USA”

Courtesy of FOX

Radly Pheonix

Flickr: 29389873@N00


This YouTube star went from doing commercials to being one of the lead voices on “High School USA.”

ID: 1457806

6. Eugene Mirman/Gene on “Bob’s Burgers”

Courtesy of FOX

Mike Lawrie



One of the coolest indie comics of the past 10 years does the voice for the goofiest character on “Bob’s Burgers.”

ID: 1457350

7. Ken Marino/Flute Cop on “Axe Cop”

Courtesy of FOX

Bryan Bedder



The “Burning Love” star is a crime fighting lawman in the FOX series “Axe Cop.”

ID: 1457310

8. Katey Sagal/Leela on “Futurama”

Courtesy of FOX

Karl Walter



Not a far stretch for this badass “Sons of Anarchy” star.

ID: 1457532

9. Nick Offerman/Axe Cop on “Axe Cop”

Courtesy of FOX

Larry Busacca



Offerman was a fan of the “Axe Cop” comic way before he was cast as the lead in the animated series. Let’s face it, he’s perfect for the job.

ID: 1457298

10. Mila Kunis/Meg on “Family Guy”

Courtesy of FOX

Eamonn McCormack



One of the most beautiful woman in the world plays the ugliest in Family Guy. Weird!

ID: 1458651

11. Mark Hamill/The Joker on “Batman: The Animated Series”

Frazer Harrison/Staff



Super hero to super villain! Who knew.

ID: 1479420

12. Megan Mullally/Isabella on “Axe Cop”

Courtesy of FOX

Jason Merritt



One of the most distinct voices in Hollywood is finally doing voiceovers!

ID: 1457340

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