18 Reasons Why Schmidt Can Do No Wrong

The man, the myth, the legend. He almost turned a lesbian straight once. He is to be studied. Educate yourself in the School of Schmidt, Tuesday nights at 9/8c on FOX. The show? NEW GIRL. Oh and look out for a special episode on Thursday night, April 4th.

1. One man kissing another man has never been wrong, but my God it’s never looked so right.

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2. Schmidt’s pre game psych ups are the source of all his powers.

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3. If it’s a question of bathroom hierarchy, Schmidt is always on top.

ID: 1005407

4. He sees the good in all of us.

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5. Correct.

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6. Even when he’s dressed as a gaudy cowboy, he can convey real, sincere emotion.

ID: 1005417

7. Scratching an unreachable itch under a pelvic cast is no longer revolting. It’s friendship.

ID: 1005425

8. The hat is not wrong. Your attitude is wrong.

ID: 1005426

9. Even his self-centeredness is endearing.

ID: 1005430

10. He wears many hats!

ID: 1005433

11. It’s like he invented MOVEMENT!

ID: 1005445

12. He’s not afraid to be upfront about his emotions.

ID: 1005448

13. He takes what’s his. Everything is his.

ID: 1005452

14. He’ll help out a friend in need…of fishing something out of a wetsuit.

ID: 1005457

15. He has many thoughtful insights on contemporary film.

ID: 1005464

16. He re-invented fishing, and he did so magnificently.

ID: 1005469

17. He drinks 2 proof melon flavor liqueur, and no one says boo. Except Nick.

ID: 1005474

18. This works.

ID: 1005479

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