How To Eat Breakfast Like Hunter S. Thompson

Not only did Hunter S. Thompson buy his coke like a boss, he was also known for his epic breakfasts. He enjoyed them alone, and “almost never” before noon, with multiple courses, and quite the unexpected “dessert.”

1. (4) Bloody Marys

ID: 4873

2. (2) Grapefruits

ID: 4876

3. (1) Pot of Coffee

ID: 4880

4. Rangoon Crepes

[Yeah, I have no idea what these are either. This is the only photo I could find of them on the Internet.]

ID: 4884

5. (1/2) Pound of Sausage, Bacon, or Corned-Beef Hash with Diced Chilies

ID: 4887

6. (1) Spanish Omelette or Eggs Benedict

ID: 4889

7. (1) Quart of Milk

ID: 4890

8. (1) Chopped Lemon for “Random Seasoning”

ID: 4893

9. “Something Like” a Slice of Key Lime Pie

ID: 4896

10. (2) Margaritas

ID: 4898

11. (6) Lines of the “Finest Cocaine for Dessert”

ID: 4902

Via helablog.com

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