9 Really Weird Reasons For Getting Fired

BuzzFeed is releasing an awesome new app for the Kindle Fire, and I weirdly thought it would be a good idea to announce it by talking about people who got fired in surprising ways. Fortunately, the post ended up being pretty interesting even if the pun was just really dumb and barely even makes sense in retrospect. So, have a look! And if you have a Kindle, get our Fire App. Hopefully you won’t get fired for using it at work. Jesus Christ. posted on

1. 1. Sending Emails In All Caps

Vicki Walker was fired because of her habit of sending emails in bold, red, and all caps. They were deemed “confrontational.” The email that finally got her the boot reportedly said “To ensure your staff claim is processed and paid, please do follow the below checklist.” She was later awarded $17K compensation for unfair dismissal.

2. 2. Shaving Your Hair For Charity

Stacey Fearnall shaved her hair for a cancer fundraiser in honor of her dad who had died of cancer - and was promptly fired from her job as a waitress for failing to live up to standards of attire.

3. 3. Giving James Franco A Bad Grade

NYU professor Jose Angel Santana claims to have been fired after giving James Franco a “D” in an acting class that Franco missed 90 percent of while he was filming 127 Hours.

4. 4. Making A Status Update About How Much You Hate Your Boss


5. 5. Posting A Dilbert Comic Strip

David Steward posted a “Dilbert” comic strip about how upper management were a bunch of “drunken lemurs” on the office billboard of the casino where he worked and was promptly fired for insubordination.

6. 6. Posting A Video Rant About Your Customers

Christopher Cristwell got fired after posting this video of himself singing about his job at Starbucks on YouTube.

7. 7. Tweeting A Joke From “Always Sunny”

UFC fighter Miguel Torres was fired after tweeting this joke about a “rape van” from Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

8. 8. Arresting A 4-Year-Old

A Safeway security guard in Washington was let go after threatening a 4-year-old girl with pressing charges after she opened a bag of dried apricots that she’d found on the store shelves.

9. 9. Wearing A Packers Tie In Chicago

Car Salesman John Stone was fired for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie to work in an office full of Bears fans. Which, yes, that’s probably dumb - but maybe shouldn’t be a fireable offense.

This post has been brought to you (in, let’s be honest, something that is essentially a non sequitur and barely even a pun) by BuzzFeed’s new Kindle Fire App. You can download it here if you have a Kindle.

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