15 Stunning Photographs Of Space

Herein, some of the best entries, runners-up, and winners in the 2011 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition hosted by the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Who knew the moon had colors? You can see a full slideshow of the winners here. posted on

1. Lunar Rainbow And Star Trails (Long Exposure, by Jeffrey Sullivan)

2. Ecuador During The Equinox (Time-Lapse, By Juan Carlos Casado)

3. Hydrogen Gas And Interstellar Dust In The Orion Nebula (Fabian Neyer)

4. The Southern Milky Way from the Cook Islands (Tunç Tezel)

5. The Hayabusa Spacecraft Capsule Over Southern Australia (Kouji Ohnishi)

6. Color Variations On The Moon (Eddie Trimarchi)

7. Star Trails Over The Annapurna Mountain Range, Nepal (Long Exposure, By Anton Jankovoy)

8. The M31 Andromeda Galaxy (Terry Hancock)

9. The Aurora Borealis From The Scottish Highlands (Long Exposure, By Stewart Watt)

10. The Tarantula Nebula (Marcus Davies)

11. The Aurora Borealis From Hillesoy, Norway (Ole C. Salmonson)

12. The Aftermath Of A Supernova Explosion (Marco Lorenzi)

13. Gas Clouds Shaped By The Birth Of A Star (Michael Sidonio)

14. Star Trails Above The Sierra Nevada (Long Exposure, by Nicole Sullivan, Age 15)

15. A Meteor Over Glastonbury During The Perseid Meteor Shower (Mike Kempsey)

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