10 Ridiculous Fees We Just Can’t Explain

Watch out, they’re everywhere. These obnoxious charges are some of our least favorites. Get started saving for retirement without the fees with E*TRADE’s no-fee IRA.

1. The Early Baggage Fee Fee

We all know about airline baggage fees, but did you know on some airlines you can pay your bagage fee in advance from home?!? So cool, right?!? It will only cost you a small additional fee. Yes, a fee for paying a fee. Feeception.

2. The Hotel Safe Fee

Be sure to check your next hotel receipt for a $1 a day room safe charge. If it’s on there, ask for the manager and have it removed.

3. The Unidentified Monster Fee

It’s a whopper, and we have no idea what for.

4. The Antler Fee

Did you take down that thirty point buck this season? Congrats! But beware: if you’re planning to take those antlers onboard certain airlines, you’re going to have to fork over a $100 antler fee.

5. The Convenience Fee

So, If I order tickets online, isn’t it more convenient for the ticket provider? Then why am I being charged a convenience fee? You make no sense.

6. The TicketFast Fee

And now you’re going to charge me for printing out my own tickets? Won’t it cost you more to print them, put them in an envelope, and pay for postage to mail them to me? If we had a lawyer we would make a call.

7. The 401(k) Fee

Did you know a typical family pays $155,000 in wall street fees on their 401(k)s? Don’t be the typical family, save your money by investing with E*Trade.

8. The Sneaky Shipping Fee

I see you hiding behind that order processing fee.

9. The Sneaky Purchase Fee

I see you, too.

10. The Gift Card Activation Fee

Don’t get too excited about those new gift cards. You might be spending $4-$10 just to activate it. Several bank gift cards also lose value over time, so spend them fast. And always give cash.

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