Why Exercise When You Can Buy This Snuggie?

Now’s your chance to totally fool people into thinking you’re a college athlete. So long as those people are dumb.

1. We all know Snuggies, right? Yeah, Snuggies are great.

ID: 965088

2. Or maybe you’re more of a Slanket person? Totally fine.

ID: 965097

3. Now, there’s a body-shaped blanket that’ll transform you into your favorite college football player! From this …

ID: 965591

4. … to this!

ID: 965428

5. You look just like the real thing!

Eric Gay / AP
ID: 965130

Is one of these guys not supposed to be there? Because I can’t tell!

ID: 965608

7. There are so many to choose from!

ID: 965429

8. If you’re getting a mid-’90s WWF vibe, there’s a reason for that.

Giant Gonzales was wearing muscle suits way before it was cool!

ID: 965446

9. And they’re not just for men, obviously! (Though the football one, kind of makes it look like a woman has a giant penis.)

ID: 965462

10. So maybe basketball is a better idea. Maryland Terrapin? No problem!

ID: 965431

11. Make sure to wear one to your favorite March Madness party, because that will most definitely not be weird.

ID: 965457

via Groupon

ID: 965465

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