Vomiting Umpire Delays Game After Swallowing His Chew

There are some things you never, ever want to swallow.

Umpire Brian O’Nora had to leave the Mets-Phillies game tonight after accidentally swallowing his chewing tobacco in the first inning. (The actual swallow and its immediate aftermath were not aired.)


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David Wright was getting ready to hit and then…not.

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Yeah, that’s never a good sight.

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Adrian Johnson, meanwhile, ran away to put on his home-plate gear.

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O’Nora once had to leave a game in 2008 after getting his head cut open by a bat shard.

Via deadspin.com

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But the Mets dugout, past which O’Nora sought refuge, got a good laugh out of this one. Sounds like he’ll be just fine.

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