The Weirdest Ending To A No-Hitter You Will Ever See

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1. After throwing nine no-hit innings, Miami’s Henderson Alvarez still needed his team to score a run to end the game and seal his historic feat. So with bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, the Tigers threw…A WILD PITCH?!?

2. Giancarlo Stanton came flying across home plate…

3. …and Alvarez, in the ondeck circle and ready to hit…

4. …went completely nuts, as did everyone else. His no-hitter, the fifth in Miami history, was officially in the books.

5. Baseball Twitter went kind of nuts, and rightfully so.

AhahahahaahahaaoappxbvvavauakaabscaiaknxvsaiajanHAHAAHHhahHHjaahha HAHAHAHAHAHADNSLXPS D LOLOLOLOLOL BASEBALL

Also, the Marlins keep getting to have nice things despite deserving approximately zero of them. I hate them.

One of the weirdest, most amazing endings to a sporting event I've ever seen.

And Jeffrey Loria is right there, smiling. Good things DO happen to good people.

11. Even Billy the Marlin was stunned by what happened.

12. Of course, Marlins owner and Mr. Burns impersonator Jeffrey Loria was behind home plate enjoying the moment.

13. Alvarez’s walk-off no-hitter was the first time in 16 years such a feat had occurred.

Henderson Alvarez no-hitter for Marlins; 1st to end in walk-off fashion since 1997 when Pirates beat Astros

14. For the Marlins, who lost their 100th game of the season yesterday, it was a pretty magical ending to a dismal season.

15. Before heading for the dugout celebration, Alvarez hugged and kissed his pregnant wife, who was also behind home plate.

16. A weird aside to a weird ending: The last Marlins pitcher to throw a no-no, Anibal Sanchez (2006), was in the visitors dugout as a member of the Tigers.

(He’s going to the playoffs, so he’s going to be just fine.)

17. Here’s how the ending went down in Miami. Until next year, Marlins fans.

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