Saddest Baseball Fans Ever Can’t Handle This Game-Ending Home Run

Cheer up, Boston.

1. A banner moment occurred tonight for Tampa Bay’s Jose Lobaton, whose walkoff home run won Game 3 for the Rays and kept their season alive.

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2. Not everyone was thrilled about this development.

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3. The Rays mobbed Lobaton at home plate, overcome with joy that they would play baseball for at least one more day.

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4. But this guy was really not having it, nor was the girl to his left. Their utter despair is palpable.

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5. And yet, this sad Red Sox fan was still able to hold up her sign for one last incredibly sad display of fandom. Just look:

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6. ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, you’ve reported on some tear-jerkers. Saddest thing you’ve ever seen?

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7. Yeah, we thought so. Here’s the whole happy/sad affair as it happened:

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