Massive Brawl Breaks Out Among Football Fans In Philadelphia

This was more entertaining than the game.

1. A significant brawl broke out in the stands of Lincoln Financial Field as the Philadelphia Eagles were hosting the Kansas City Chiefs tonight. It also happened right in front of the media’s press box area.

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Derrick Gunn


unbelievable fight in the stands between a bunch of fans

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Eliot Shorr-Parks


HUGE fight below the press box. Punches, kicks, about 6 people involved. Girls as well. One guys shirt was completely ripped in half #Eagles

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Reuben Frank


There’s a fight in the stands, and all the Chiefs writers seem surprised.

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Jimmy Kempski


Monster fight in stands right in front of press box. Most entertaining thing all game. Security took an hour (estimated) to break it up.

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Major fight in front of press box. 3 rows of fans ejected

— John Clark NBC10 (@johnclarknbc10)

John Clark NBC10


Major fight in front of press box. 3 rows of fans ejected

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7. Here’s the best video we’ve seen of the brawl, as shot by the New York Post’s Bart Hubbuch:

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