Local Man Flees Flying Bat Headed For Wife’s Face

Smooth move, Angels fan.

Here’s an easy hypothetical for you: A flying bat is coming at your spouse’s face. Do you (a) shield them with your body, or (b) flee the scene? The correct answer is (a), but you knew that because you’re a well-functioning baseball fan.

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This man, however, chose (b). LOOK UPON HIS SHAME.

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Oh, random Angels fan, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

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His ladyfriend companion seemed to laugh the whole thing off. His laughter? A bit more nervous, it seems.

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The best part is how the Angels broadcast truck felt the need to replay this three times, as if we didn’t see her get conked on the ol’ melon enough.

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Via wapc.mlb.com

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The worst part of this whole sordid affair? THEY DIDN’T GET THE BAT. The high-fivers behind them did. Nothing is fair in baseball. Nothing.

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