Head-Mounted Referee Cam Makes Rugby Seem Even Crazier

New tech gives viewers an up-close view at the world’s most dangerous team sport.

1. Here’s rugby referee Chris Pollock, after being outfitted with the world’s first sanctioned in-match rugby cam.

ID: 965970

2. The ear-strapped gizmo means Australian TV viewers can see match footage that was never possible.

ID: 965978

3. They can see the scrum from way up close.

ID: 965981

4. You can see Pollock explain one of his calls to a player four times his size.

ID: 965992

5. You can even see breakaway runs as they develop from nothing.

ID: 966004

6. Here’s a complete look at how this experiment came to pass.

ID: 965972

7. Similarly awesome: Hockey ref cam. (NFL ref cam should be next up, please.)

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/57632265.
ID: 966020

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