Dodgers Phenom Caps Off Debut In Coolest Possible Way

Nice arm, rookie.

Yasiel Puig, the Cuban prospect whom the Dodgers signed to a $42 million contract last year, was tearing up the minors when Los Angeles called him up to make his debut last night. It went pretty well.

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First, Puig led off the game with a single, his first big-league hit.

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Your first career hit on a 78-mph changeup falling out of the zone? Well done, new guy.


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A few innings later, Puig’s second hit made Padres first baseman Kyle Blanks look very bad.

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You got anything else, meat? Maybe AN INSANE GAME-ENDING DOUBLE PLAY? Oh, fine.

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Enjoy this display of baseball one more time because a 200-foot, game-ending cannon strike should be fully appreciated every time.

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But this really is the best angle, so be sure to get hydrated and stay seated in a safe place before directing thine eyes upon such beauty.

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Soooo, the runner was out, right? (A: Close, but yes.)

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Game over, man. GAME OVER.

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Be sure to watch the whole sequence because then you get to hear Vin Scully say, “There is one happy Cuban!” and you wouldn’t want to miss that.

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BONUS FACT: Puig hails from Cienfuegos, Cuba, which was represented for decades by the beloved Cienfuegos baseball team. Its rallying call: “The pace of the elephant is slow, but crushing!”

The more you know.

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