Detroit Stressed Out Every Single Red Sox Fan With A Possible No-Hitter Before Winning Game 1

The struggle is real.

1. After Anibal Sanchez threw six no-hit innings for the Tigers on Saturday night, it seemed baseball fans might witness history in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series at Fenway Park.

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2. The prospect of that kind of history was definitely not making Red Sox fans happy. (At all.)

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3. Stephen Drew’s amazing catch to end the eighth maybe gave some fans a glimmer of hope that the no-hitter would never come to pass, that this was a precursor to some dramatic walkoff win.

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4. Besides, there’d been only TWO postseason no-hitters in baseball history, and this game had already had plenty of oddities.

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5. There had been balls that just missed hitting places you don’t want to hit.

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7. There were pitches that defied physics, thanks to copious amounts of belly fat.

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8. And balls complete with purple comet tails. A no-hitter didn’t seem so crazy after all.

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9. Nonetheless, the bottom of the ninth was very stressful.

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17. Then, with one out, it got WAY MORE STRESSFUL.

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34. It was so stressful that even Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski was stricken by the crippling tension.

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35. Or, maybe Dombrowski knew in his heart that SALVATION WAS NEAR. ALL HAIL DANIEL NAVA.

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36. But breaking up the no-no just meant that Boston could now win the game with a walkoff home run, and hoping for that outcome is ALSO QUITE STRESSFUL.

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42. Down to their last strike — three hours and 56 minutes after the first pitch — the Red Sox finally ended things …

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43. With a popup to shortstop. Detroit takes a 1-0 series lead and Red Sox Nation heads home to sleep off another playoff heartbreaker.

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44. Nearly four hours of baseball. One run. Plenty of drama.

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