19-Year-Old Hockey Rookie Pulls Off Between-The-Legs Goal Of The Year

Welcome to the NHL.

1. Playing in just his third career game, San Jose center Tomas Hertl had himself quite a night against the New York Rangers.

Josie Lepe/Bay Area News Group / MCT

3. But it was how he scored his fourth goal that blew hockey fans’ collective minds.

4. Oh nothing, just Hertl pulling off the ol’ back-between-the-legs-and-roof-it-past-the-goalie maneuver. WORKS EVERY TIME.

5. Really now, what is this?

6. After the game, Hertl powered his way through a valiant explanation of his feelings: “This is dream!”

13. Here are multiple video angles on all four goals. This is hockey porn at its finest:

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14. And Hertl Power in the NHL has only just begun.

Thearon W. Henderson / Getty

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