19-Year-Old Hockey Rookie Pulls Off Between-The-Legs Goal Of The Year

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1. Playing in just his third career game, San Jose center Tomas Hertl had himself quite a night against the New York Rangers.

Josie Lepe/Bay Area News Group / MCT

2. By scoring four goals, Hertl, who hails from the Czech Republic, made a bit of history.

19-year-old Tomas Hertl of the Sharks: youngest player to score 4 goals in game since Jimmy Carson, 1988 Kings

3. But it was how he scored his fourth goal that blew hockey fans’ collective minds.

4. Oh nothing, just Hertl pulling off the ol’ back-between-the-legs-and-roof-it-past-the-goalie maneuver. WORKS EVERY TIME.

5. Really now, what is this?

6. After the game, Hertl powered his way through a valiant explanation of his feelings: “This is dream!”

7. Fans were euphoric over Hertl’s accomplishment.

I don't always score four goals, but when I do, I go between my legs reverse backhand. #SharksHeadline

Tomas Hertl: so good he made ESPN remember that hockey is a thing. RT @trilljester Hertl's fourth was #1 on Soortscenter's Top Ten plays.

13. Here are multiple video angles on all four goals. This is hockey porn at its finest:

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14. And Hertl Power in the NHL has only just begun.

Thearon W. Henderson / Getty

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