Which "Catfish" Personality Are You?

A very, very important quiz to help you uncover your Catfish spirit animal.

  1. 1. What's your favorite way to spend an hour of free time?
    Facebook / Via facebook.com
    1. Gchatting with total babes.
    2. Repeating my own name roughly 80 times.
    3. Fiddling around with a piece of video equipment I’m not really sure how to use just yet, but with practice I have faith I’ll master.
    4. Making wedding plans and texting emoji hearts.
  2. 2. What one habit are you incapable of breaking?
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    1. Calling people I don’t know just to say my name a few more times. *sigh* It simply sounds like a word crafted by angels, no?
    2. Giving virtual strangers access to my checking account.
    3. Pointing at things with a black, hollow box.
    4. Trolling, sitting around, trolling some more.
  3. 3. My experiences with internet friends drove me:
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    1. Nowhere, really. I kind of just hover over other people while they’re using the internet.
    2. Drove *me*? You wish, loser. People love me so much they’ll fly across the country to see me.
    3. Into debt, despair, and an eternal questioning of my self-identity.
    4. Into the arms of a silver fox.
  4. 4. In one word, describe yourself.
    Facebook / Via facebook.com
    1. Hairy
    2. Dapper
    3. Naive
    4. Creative
  5. 5. You are simply blown away by:
    Facebook / Via facebook.com
    1. How easy it is to get a free ticket to pretty much anywhere in the country by simply smiling and nodding.
    2. The technology behind Google Image and Facebook search functions.
    3. How mind-numbingly idiotic the majority of the American population is.
    4. How being marginally attractive and having a cool name is really all you need to land your own reality show.
  6. 6. You are completely terrified by:
    Facebook / Via facebook.com
    1. Skype.
    2. Sleeping in a hotel room by yourself.
    3. Discovering the actual definition of “love.”
    4. Your career prospects.
  7. 7. You have a loose grasp of:
    Facebook / Via facebook.com
    1. How the internet works.
    2. How to take videos.
    3. The word “exploitation.”
    4. Empathy.
  8. 8. How do you typically use Google?
    Facebook / Via facebook.com
    1. What’s Google? Is that like a Facebook?
    2. To scope out hotties (the more bod mods, the better) for new profile pics.
    3. I don’t use it, but my producers do.
    4. To look up instructions for how to use my camera.
  9. 9. What's your favorite TV show?
    Facebook / Via facebook.com
    1. What’s a TV? Is that like a Facebook?
    2. Catfish, obvi.
    3. I usually tune in to whatever my bestie wants to watch.
    4. To Catch a Predator. Morons!
  10. 10. Who is your ideal life partner?
    Facebook / Via facebook.com
    1. Nev
    2. Max
    3. Anyone who texts me “143” at least 10 times a day
    4. I don’t know why you’d want a life partner when you can just hang out in your Facebook inbox.

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