30 Ways To Wear Your Love For Pugs

Because those expressive little wrinkly faces make not only your life roughly a million times better, but your wardrobe too.

1. Looking to up your street cred? Pugs are the answer.

Pug Sweatshirt by Mr. Gugu & Miss Go at ASOS, $101

ID: 1724892

2. They know how to stick it to the man.

Penny Pug Silk Scarf by Age of Reason, £130 (approx. $210)

ID: 1725556

3. And also know how to just kind of look at you and make your brain and heart and face explode, even when they’re just a cartoon.

Minnie Pug T-Shirt by NW3 by Hobbs at John Lewis, £35 (approx. $57)

ID: 1654972

4. Enjoying the company of pugs is often indicative of enjoying the finer things in life, like a quality cashmere sweater.

Pug Intarsia Cashmere Sweater by Christopher Fischer at Neiman Marcus, $375

ID: 1654334

5. Try an introspective pug cameo to add a touch of class to any getup.

Dog Lover Hot Pink Pug Necklace by Crankyhayes at Etsy, $22.50

ID: 1725496

6. Pug rhymes with hug, which is what you’ll want to do to yourself all day long when you’re wearing this. You might scare some people, but they’ll probably get it once they see your sweater.

Pug Sweater by Pretty Vacant at ASOS, $92

ID: 1654648

7. For when you want to feel as light on your toes as your jolly, squishy-faced canine companion.

Pug Ballerina Slippers by SO at Kohl’s, $24

ID: 1654715

8. For when you want to do the same thing but you actually have a good job and make a lot of money.

Suede Pug Face Friends of Mine Slippers by Marc by Marc Jacobs at SSENSE, $230

ID: 1654751

9. You wouldn’t want to wear plain black leggings and have everyone think you HATE PUGS, would you?!

“Pugly” Leggings by WOWCHNYC at Etsy, $36

ID: 1655211

10. Feeling a little glum today? Therapy shmerapy. Throw on a pug-wearing-glasses sweater!

Three-Quarter Scoop-Neck Printed Sweater by Bar III at Macy’s, $69

ID: 1654879

11. And listen to some sweet-ass beats on these puppies. Problems. Solved.

3D Percy The Pug Earphones by Accessorize, $23

ID: 1654670


Pug Black Leather and Silvertone Photo Watch by Whimsical Watches at Amazon, $45

ID: 1657236

13. Sad but true: Sometimes it’s just not possible to dive headfirst into a sea of pugs and roll around having fun times with them. Here’s a shirt that might help, though.

Oversized T-shirt by River Island, $36

ID: 1724666

14. Is it possible to fall in love with and marry a bag? Because that is what’s happening right now.

Wisdom by Winston Tote by ModCloth, $18

ID: 1724871

15. Some days, getting rained on cats and dogs gets a little old and you just want it to rain dogs.

Pug Umbrella by LaSelva Designs at Amazon, $25

ID: 1657049

16. JK cats never get old! Here’s something for the pug lover who knows cats are just as cool and fun.

Snazzy Animal Muscle Tee by Forever 21, $15

ID: 1654896

17. Seriously? Even the non-pug-obsessed will find pure joy in this adorable print.

Skater Skirt in Sketchy Pug Print by ASOS, $27

ID: 1724813

18. Did you know that studies* show pugs are the most career-minded breed of the entire canine species?

First Pug on the Moon Tee by Deter at Urban Outfitters, $28

*No studies were actually done but this is an educated guess.

ID: 1655124

19. Don’t get too excited when hot babes start whispering sweet nothings in your ear all night — it’s just the earrings. (Unless you’re also really hot, I guess.)

Party Animal Earrings by Urban Outfitters, $10

ID: 1654263

20. I would actually be OK with this being my engagement ring.

Lil Clyde the Handsome Pug Petite Ring by Schmutzerland at Etsy, $14

ID: 1655180

21. Giant pug faces, much like your favorite leather jacket, can pretty much be worn with anything and never go out of style.

The Pug Tee by The Mountain at Karmaloop, $20

ID: 1724896

22. You guys.

Ankle Socks by River Island, $6

ID: 1724839

23. Perfect for your next garden party or networking event.

All Fancied Pup Dress by Mr. Gugu & Miss Go at ModCloth, $93

ID: 1656922

24. Because wearing pugs during the daytime only is doing your non-waking hours a grave disservice.

Bag Pug Pyjama Set by TopShop, $36

ID: 1654843

25. For the Franco-pug-o-phile.

French Pug Necklace by Not for Ponies, £12 (approx. $19)

ID: 1725523

26. And the Anglo-pug-o-phile.

Posh Pug Mini Tote Bag by Harrods, £20 (approx. $32)

ID: 1724861

27. Because making out with your S.O. gets kinda tired after a while but dog kisses never get boring (unless you’re a terrible human).

Pugs n Kisses Sweatshirt by Gemma Correll at Mama San, £35 (approx. $57)

ID: 1655147

28. Pugs and babies make an for extra explosion-due-to-cuteness combo. Sorry, hope you’re still alive. If you are, go buy this for a baby you know RIGHT NOW.

Girls Velvet Sleeveless Dress with Pug Appliqué by SweetMeadow Sweet at Etsy, $50

ID: 1725034

29. I just want to take a Glamour Shot in this sweater surrounded by a grumble (that’s what a group of them is called — !!!!) of pugs wearing parkas and fuzzy boots.

Black Pug Beanie Sweater by New Look, £15 (approx. $24)

ID: 1724675

30. And don’t forget to accessorize your lil’ smush-faced friend in some badass gear so he can roll out the door in just as much style as you do.

Rainbow Bright Dog Hat by AllYouNeedIsPugShop at Etsy, $25

ID: 1656838

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