10 Word Mix-Ups To Avoid, Presented By Bunnies

Because bunnies make it easy to see everything in a simpler light.

1. Brought: past tense and past participle of “bring.”

This startled bunny’s shrieks brought the neighbors when he noticed a burglar trying to sneak in through his bathroom window.

(Not “brung,” not “brang.” Pretty please — never “brang.”)

ID: 1099820

Bought: past tense and past participle of “buy.”

This family found a fun surprise in the carton of eggs they bought the other day.

ID: 1099829

2. Aisle: a passageway; a passage for inside traffic.

This spendthrift had a real field day in the produce aisle.

ID: 1099874

Isle: a small island.

Daydreaming about summer excursions to exotic isles, this bunny cannot wait for winter to be over already.

ID: 1099878

3. Pixelated: to be displayed in such a manner that individual pixels are discernible.

“Maybe if I submit a really pixelated version of this to the Cutest Bunny in the World contest, I’ll stand a chance.”

ID: 1099866

Pixilated: somewhat unbalanced mentally; whimsical.

Here is a pixilated little fellow with a pancake hat.

ID: 1099868

4. Palette: a range of colors; a board to hold and mix colors.

This B-list celebrity bunny typically wears only neutral hues, but after her personal stylist suggested she consider other palettes, she made it to the top of every best-dressed list.

ID: 1099843

Palate: roof of the mouth; sense of taste.

This bun has a sophisticated palate for only the finest-quality envelopes.

ID: 1099859

5. Waist: the narrowest part of one’s torso.

“I’m watching my waist, so just fruits and veggies for me, thanks.”

ID: 1099886

Waste: to squander or spend uselessly.

These two jokesters waste no time diving into the comfiest cups they can find.

ID: 1099891

6. Compare to: typically used to refer to similarities.

Often compared to a young Mother Teresa, this thoughtful rabbit frequently adopted orphaned ducklings.

ID: 1099896

Compare with: typically used to indicate both similarities and differences.

This bunny bed is guaranteed to give your kitten the best night’s rest ever; compared with their use of traditional beds, kittens slept an average of 75% more comfortably.

ID: 1099898

7. Err: to make a mistake.

“I always err on the side of dressing too formally for the occasion — who knows who you’ll run into?”

ID: 1099905

Air: what we breathe.

“Hey, guys, just getting some fresh air and eating a few roses like the fluffy little dream puff that I am.” OMG OMG

ID: 1099906

Heir: one who inherits something.

Ladies and gents, meet the newest heir to the Cadbury empire.

ID: 1099914

8. Adverse: unfavorable; causing harm.

These rebellious teen bunnies had an adverse reaction to using prescription drugs recreationally, but they were ultimately OK and have been sober ever since.

ID: 1099920

Averse: having repugnance or distaste.

This fashion-forward bunny is not averse to wearing edgy, out-of-the-box accessories in public.

ID: 1099921

9. Maul (v.): to abuse or handle roughly.

This cat, a staunch advocate of interspecies tolerance, has filmed a powerful PSA urging other cats to love, not maul, fuzzy bunnies.

ID: 1099923

Mall (n.): a shopping center or plaza.

“Hey, Suzie, come on out! We’re heading to the mall!”

ID: 1099924

10. Discreet: careful, confidential, unnoticeable.

In an attempt to be discreet, this outlaw donned a disguise whenever he committed his most heinous crimes.

ID: 1099933

Discrete: individual, distinct.

These two buns may be in love, but they claim each maintaining discrete interests and hobbies makes their relationship stronger and more interesting.

ID: 1099935

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