Dairy Queen Is The Place Where Dreams Come True

Dairy Queen is the happiest place on Earth. Sorry, Disneyland.

1. Once upon a time, there was a special place.

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2. A special, royal place.


It is called Dairy Queen, after all.

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And you would travel miles out of the way to get here, even at odd hours of the day or night.

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3. Inside, you found love.


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4. You found joy.

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5. You found salvation on your hardest days.

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6. You even found Reese’s.

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7. And no one was immune to its powers.

FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty Images

Warren and Bill, just enjoying a blizzard together.

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8. Neither man…

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Mark Cuban, so eager to eat his DQ that he knocked it off the cone.

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9. …nor woman.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Hillary loves a Butterfinger Blizzard.

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10. Neither child…

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11. …nor beast.

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12. Nothing could keep you from your sweet Dairy Queen.

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13. Even Death itself could not resist its sugary charms.

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14. You dreamt, one day, of a future in which you could tell the world how you felt about it.

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15. You dreamt that it had magical powers.

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16. Every moment, every day, it was on your mind.

Because when you’re at DQ, you’re home.

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17. When you saw it on the news, you thought: One day, it will be mine again.

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18. And then you saw the news: A new Dairy Queen was opening near you.

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19. And right then, it all rushed back to you.

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20. The joy.

ID: 1177817

21. The dreams.

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22. The amazing times.

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23. The moments you celebrated.

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24. And you knew that once again, it would be yours.

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25. But until then, you’re going to have find really great friends to bring you some back!

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