35 Things We’ve Learned From Cristina Yang

Grey’s Anatomy might be named after Meredith, but let’s be real: Cristina has become our person over the last decade.

1. Don’t be afraid to say what everyone else is thinking.

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2. Dancing can fix any problem.

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3. Try anything once.

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4. Like, anything.


Because you might surprise yourself!

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5. It’s OK to define yourself by your passion.

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6. Believe in yourself.


Remember when Dr. Webber said only a few would survive the program? Obviously Cristina was making it through.

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7. Know when to put someone else’s needs in front of your own.


…Even if it means missing a surgical learning opportunity.

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8. And try to put your fears aside when someone else is even more scared.


Even in the darkest of hours, when your best friend might be dying.

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9. It’s OK to let it out sometimes.


Because if you don’t, it’s not going to be pretty.

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10. Because broken hearts hurt.


A lot.

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11. Strive for brilliance.

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12. Keep calm under pressure.


Even when you’re trying to save a man from bleeding out with a gun pointed at your head, you know?

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13. When you’re having a bad day, put things in perspective.

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14. Don’t be afraid to be racy sometimes.


And DAMN proud. (Rightfully so.)

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15. The best parties have tequila.

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16. Sometimes you need to let your inner child out.


Even if it has embarrassing results.

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17. Recognize when you should put a fight on pause.


Like if your best friend goes to watch a man be executed and can’t stop crying.

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18. Life can be hard and unfair.

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But being honest in necessary moments is more helpful than you might think.

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19. Share your experiences.

Like when you can empathize with a little girl about losing a parent and moving forward.

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20. A good hug goes a long way.

‘Cause sharing (a shoulder) is caring.

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21. Be realistic.


Don’t try to help when you know you can’t, even in dire situations.

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22. Be confident in your decisions.

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Especially the really hard ones.

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23. Good things come to those who wait (and sing).


If your colleague gets an award and you’re forgotten about, just sing and wait and your time will surely come.

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24. Never answer the phone without lipstick on.


Because you want to look nice if someone calls to offer you a nomination for said big award!

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25. Don’t let anyone take your eyebrows.

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26. Make your own traditions.

And follow them.

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27. Everyone needs a good kick in the butt.


Nobody has time for a pity party.

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28. Standing over a vent is an excellent stress-reliever.

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29. Power through.


What is a sick day?

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30. Go after what you want.


Even if that means entering the opposite sex’s bathroom.

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31. Put yourself out there.

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32. Never lie.


Because the truth will come out and the person you lied to will be devastated. Especially if you lied about the person operating on her mentor’s husband.

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33. Everyone needs encouragement.

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Even the strongest in the herd.

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34. Tough love is necessary.


You’ll be better from it.

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35. And when in doubt, remember what Cristina told you time and time again:

We love you, Cristina Yang!

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