Watch Justin Bieber Fall Off A Skateboard

The singer uploaded an instagram video of his failed skateboarding attempt. Happens to the best of us.

1. The Biebs looks chock-full of confidence as he prepares himself for a lovely kickflip!

ID: 2141586

2. To the average eye who knows nothing about skateboarding, it looks like he’s ALMOST successful.

ID: 2141591

3. ‘Fraid not. The board continued on it’s journey sans Justin on its back.

ID: 2141593

4. Ouchie. At least he turned it into an inspirational opportunity. “Always get up when u get knocked down.” Thanks, Justin.

*At least he was able to laugh it off.

ID: 2141600

5. Watch him attempt the skate trick here!

JustinBieber / instagram.com
ID: 2141561

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