Overly Aggressive Fan Pulls Beyoncé Off Stage In Brazil

This actually seems like the opportune time to act like a total diva. Instead, she picks herself up and keeps performing like a boss. All hail Queen Bey, you guys.

1. She begins by performing with utter beauty and grace, like usual.

ID: 1641804

2. She then decides to be courteous and greet her incredibly loving fans.

ID: 1641806

3. This fan decides he cannot contain his love. He just can’t. So, he yanks Bey into a scary bear hug.

ID: 1641808

4. Beyoncé brushes herself off and remains unfazed. Nbd.

ID: 1641812

5. She continues sparkling in her jumpsuit and entertaining thousands.

ID: 1641815

Watch the entire video here!

ID: 1641599

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