Mr. Bean Is Nothing Like Mr. Bean In Real Life

Who would’ve guessed??

Many of you know Rowan Atkinson from the CLASSIC film Mr. Bean.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

Or perhaps, as Enrico Pollini in the best movie ever:Rat Race.


If this face doesn’t strike a bell or remind you of a pleasant time in your life,

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Then today is a sad day.


For this lad is a legend.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

But many people often wonder, what does Mr. Bean do when he’s not Mr. Bean?

Where does he go? What does he talk about? Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

What does his face look like when it doesn’t look like this face??

Peter Kramer / Getty Images


Well folks, he’s actually quite normal.

Clive Mason / Getty Images

You know, normal in the sense that he’s a comedic actor with a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Normal like, he hangs out with Duchess of Cornwall, normal.

Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool / Getty Images

And attended the royal wedding, which is not THAT unusual.

Clive Rose/GP / Getty Images

He’s also seriously involved in politics. WHO KNEW?

Graeme Robertson / Getty Images

He’s just an ordinary guy, who HAPPENS to be a real-life race car driver.

Mark Thompson / Getty Images

And sometimes gets into fender-benders like the rest of us…

Interesting. I totally thought he was a peacoat kind of guy. ©flynetpictures, LLC

He even wears dad clothes and vacations in Italy on the occasion!

Italypress/Fame Pictures

Rowan is basically just a tourist like everyone else.

Italypress/Fame Pictures

See? Would ya look at that!?

Just look at it. Italypress/Fame Pictures

Signing autographs is part of his routine, but whatever.


And sure, he stars in musicals too, but so what?

Check out him as Fagin in Oliver. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

He’s just a regular lad who loves to whisper.

Graeme Robertson / Getty Images

Look, even his family seems down to earth!

Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

Okay, but seriously. THIS IS THE WOMAN HE’S MARRIED TO.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images


Jon Furniss / WireImage

Rowan Atkinson is one charming son of a gun!

MJ Kim / Getty Images

Touché, sir. Touché.

Mr. Bean is the perfect example of acting at its finest! Peter Kramer / Getty Images

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