Alexander Skarsgard Is Single

This fine man recently admitted he’s flying solo. What to do, what to do.

1. I don’t even know where to begin with this very important news.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images
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2. We could start with his face, I guess? His flawless face.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images
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3. We could definitely discuss in detail how fantastic he looks in a suit or how we don’t mind his unruly beard.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
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4. We could talk about how his natural paternal skills make us all weak in the knees.

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images
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5. Or fantasize about being his vampire lady? Or how we could have been his vampire lady, you know what I mean.

Lacey Terrell / HBO / MCT
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6. We could definitely agree that he could only wear this forever and still look like perfection.

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7. Or we could pretend we were listening to him talk about cinema but really imagine him discussing the ins and outs of our future.

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8. Maybe spend a few hours pretending to be whoever he’s gazing at?

ID: 1579329

9. We could most definitely have a drunken heart-to-heart with this man. Or against this man. What? Ha. I mean. But, really.

ID: 1579313

10. Or we could just chat about Swedish men, in general.

KM / FameFlynet Pictures
ID: 1579350

11. We could ask him to teach us this dance he did in Zoolander?

ID: 1589056

12. Or share tea and crumpets, perhaps?

CWNY/Fame Pictures
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13. Maybe play this really bizarre but weirdly OK version of hide-and-seek together?

Girlie/Fame Pictures
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14. We could get our highlights done together.

ID: 1588954

15. Alexander, stop it. But, maybe this as well?

ID: 1579573

16. So should we all send in our résumés, or how is thing gonna work?

Phil Mccarten / Reuters
ID: 1578472

17. What was the question?

ID: 1589040

18. Let’s get to celebrating, shall we?

ID: 1589478

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