22 Reasons We Are All Actually Mindy Kaling

“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it.”

1. First and foremost, we have all prepared or are currently preparing to meet our “soulmate.”

The Mindy Project / tumblr.com

Getting dressed up for Home Depot is a necessary evil.

2. We know that somewhere in the cracks and crevices of this planet lies a person who’s only slightly less funny than us and makes excellent guacamole.


We will wait for you.

4. Not to get nit-picky but kissing is actually a hobby. It should be in a separate category like cat fishing* or collecting thimbles.


The real or virtual kind.

5. No, seriously. Who do we call to make this a thing?


7. And a BFF is just that dog who can’t stop staring at your Lean Cuisine.

9. No one can judge us but ourselves, the next day, when we remember we ate cheese off the floor.

The Mindy Project / vinepair.tumblr.com

11. Oversharing is caring and we care a lot.


13. Nothing is worth not discussing in considerable detail.

The Mindy Project / starcrush.com

15. Or probably will happen, someday. Far, far away. When we’re financially ready and emotionally prepared.

18. Or the fact that working out requires measures we’d rather not discuss or discuss in length, depending on our mood.


19. As long as we tell people about our plans to be active, that’s all that matters.


20. We can all acknowledge that whoever invented winter leisure activities involving water should rot in the armpits of Hell.


21. Sometimes we realize our daily goals should be dealt with tomorrow and that’s OK with us.

The Mindy Project / tumblr.com


22. As long as we dance to the beat of our own hungry drums, that’s all that matters.

The Mindy Project / tumblr.com


Cheers to all of us, Mindy Kalings everywhere!

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